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API Production: Overview of the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

Microscope Slide Research Close-Up Test Experiment

  There is a variety of processes involved during production of the APIS that should be optimally coordinated ensuring flexibility while preventing cross-contamination at all cost. Processintegration from raw materials to the respective production reduces resourcewastages by reducing costs and…
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History of Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Here is a short brief about the history of synthetic organic chemistry. Prior to the nineteenth century, scientific experts for the most part trusted that mixes got from living life forms were enriched with a key constrain that recognized them…
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Understanding Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Synthetic organic chemistry can be defined as the science of constructing or putting together organic compounds from smaller entities. When this science is applied to a new compound, it acts to resolve problems emanating from the synthesis of target molecules….
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