Most commonly used Plant extraction in the form of Oil

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The most familiar and widely known plant extraction is oil

Rightfully, it is the extract from the plant’s seeds. Modern day cooking depends mostly on the oil. It is only because of oil or oil related stuffs, the food becomes are tasty one. We cannot imagine a so-called tasty food without oil. Let it be frying or sweating or braising, oil plays the most important role.

There are a variety of oils available in the market these days. Starting from peanut oil, sesame oil, rice bran oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, castor oil till the expensive extra virgin olive oil, all these are extracts from the plants. Oil can be extracted in a bigger scale or just for a home’s need. In places like India, the oils are extracted in the home by means of an oil extractor. Even though the processes for extracting the oil from the plant’s seeds appear to be similar, the actual process may different based on which oil is being extracted.

For instance, let us see the plant extraction from coconut oil extraction in a small scale in the home itself

The coconut flakes are removed from the shell and dried under sun. This is done to make the flakes dry by means of natural evaporation of the water content in those flakes. But the time when almost all the water has been evaporated from the coconut, one can easily feel the oiliness on the surface of the coconut. These dried coconut cakes are put into an extracting machine and ground to make juice like material, which is then chemically processed or centrifugally separated by mechanical means to separate the oily part (the real oil) from the watery part.

Not just coconut oil, but almost all oil extracts from the plant extraction follow the same principle for its extraction. The importance of oil can be known when we recall this proverb “There is oil in the house of the wise”!


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